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mr. williams

"ok now let’s talk about John Locke’s writing… and lockey for you… HAHAHA good one right?"

"Sink to yourself, ‘I’m happy! So happy, so happy!’ Zen you vill not be bored. Anything to keep you from falling azleep!"
Ms. Korsunsky (via korsunskin)
"Your friend number one is ze derivative of ze square root of x! Eet eez one over two root x. Eef someone wakes you up in ze middle of ze night and ask you, ‘Who eez your best friend?’ you vould answer zem immediately. So eef someone wakes you up in ze middle of ze night and ask you, ‘What eez ze derivative of root x?’ you vould tell zem immediately!"
Ms. Korsunsky (via korsunskin)

"Maybe I’m a dork because I read the grammar bible every night before I go to bed." - Smith

6th Period APChem

/Mr Penner walks through the door.

"Hey Will! I have a will in your seat!"

Will: “Cool! What’s his name?”

Penner: “…Will…”

50th post

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"DON’T listen to those rumors that all my tests are hard… Don’t believe it when they say all of you will run out crying, with horrible grades. … Only some of you will."
Mr. Dybdahl (via dybdahllin)

Mr. Dybdahl

[chaperoning ticket sales]

Dybdahl: Ugh I don’t want to go in and watch them ‘freaky dancing’.


Mr. Penner

who is that hypebast in the corner?

penner submission

notable alumni of lynbrook high school

not teacher related but interesting anyways

chris cavanaugh: class of 1980
olympic gold medalist, swimmer

 He was a part of the USA gold medal winning 4x100m Freestyle Relay at the 1984 Summer Olympics. He twice broke the world record in the 50 m freestyle in 1980. During his 7-year stint with the U.S. National Swim Team, Cavanaugh was a finalist at the 1982 World Championships, the 1983 Pan American Games, and numerous USS National Competitions. 

kirstie lu stout: class of 1992
american journalist and news anchor for CNN international
founded Lynbrook Speech and Debate Club

Kristie Lu Stout is an award-winning anchor/correspondent for CNN International. Recently named one of Forbes magazine’s “Nine Women to Watch” in Asia, and winner of an Asian Television Award as “Best News Presenter or Anchor,” Stout hosts “World Report” from CNN’s Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong each weekday from 7pm HKT. 

vinay bhat: class of 2002
grand master in chess 

- Bhat is the 2007 MVP points leader and has the highest performance rating in the United States Chess League history 

greg camp: class of 1985
guitarist and songwriter for band Smash Mouth 
remember that song? “hey now, you’re an all star, get your game on, go play!”